Introduction to DSP2017 (Get Noticed! contest)

This post starts new series about my open source project with working title CodeMate developed for Get Noticed! (Daj się poznać) contest. All posts concerning that topic would be grouped together under DSP2017 tag.

I want to play a game…

-The rules are simple ( ͡º ͜ʖ͡º)

Get Noticed! logo
Get Noticed! logo

Today, on 1st March 2017 the programming/blogging challange called Get Noticed! (Daj się poznać) has just started. Rules are simple: actively develop your app/product sharing your code on GitHub and blog about your work results two times a week for three months. The competition is run by Maciej Aniserowicz with great success – at the moment of writing this post 1128 programmers have started registration process and 795 have confirmed participation! MASSIVE! Here is the official site of the contest (in Polish).

Why am I doing this?

Unfortunately, I landed in my comfort zone recently and I stopped my programming activities outside working hours. From my own experience I know such activity is extremely beneficial in terms of skills set, so I really wanted to bring that habit back in my life and give myself a chance to become better programmer every day.

Additionally, I wanted to start a blog two years ago (wow, time passes so quickly!) and… I did! but I wrote only one post then and even haven’t published it.

Another thing is that although I’m quite experienced developer I have a poor background in implementing Web applications – I was always avoiding such projects hiding behind Desktop apps – hence there is a considerable amount of knowledge gaps to be covered here.

So! ‘Get Noticed!’ is a perfect trigger to give my blog launch second chance, spend some free time on coding and make my Web understanding solid – I decided to give it a try this time (last year I was hesitating too much and I scrubbed).

Finally: I want to hear from you! If you want to share feedback, suggestion or anything else – please do! I would gladly read your comments.

I invite you to share this 3-month adventure with me – in the following posts I will show you in detail what I want to achieve by developing my product, what requirements are crucial, what technology I decided to develop in, what tools I use to get my work up to speed and how I launch new projects. Stay tuned!

Somewhat experienced programmer who tries to find intrinsic meaning in each act he does. Increasingly builds his courage to let his life be driven by passion. Currently giving blogging a whirl.

6 thoughts on “Introduction to DSP2017 (Get Noticed! contest)”

  1. Good luck! (I envy that you have a ‘comfort zone’, to me everything is either an inconveniece or a problem! 😀

  2. Wow Wojciech – I admire you for your step-up with the “comfort-zone” and taking participation in contest ! I will come-back here to check how’s your progress with contest-project.
    PS Maybe I will also start in “get noticed!” – since they extended registration time to 12 march ? What do you think ?

    Good Luck!

    1. Thanks, feel invited 🙂
      P.S. It is fantastic idea, registration is extended, that’s true. I don’t need to think your participation over – I just encourage you (or even dare you! 🙂 ) to get on board. I’ll be happy to help if you need me in this area. Cheers!

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