FullCalendar on my website – beta

I just deployed the ‘beta’ version of FullCalendar on my website. It has some styling errors yet and it is not bounded to database yet, but at least it is there 🙂


Recently I decided to create a side project which could let me sharpen my programming skills – and this is a part of that. You can get more details here.

The crucial functionality of the website is to have a calendar which would let schedule the events in precise time. As I wanted to have the similar usability of the calendar as you can experience on Google Calendar I chose


I was struggling a bit with that and wasted some time doing badly created tutorials, but finally, I found this one. As it is nicely described + it has GitHub repository with working code, I won’t duplicate this information here. If you want to know how to create such integration, just go there to dive in technicalities.

To sum up…

Not so much content today as I was focused more on coding than on writing this time. I hope I’ll spare more time shortly to write something more.


Somewhat experienced programmer who tries to find intrinsic meaning in each act he does. Increasingly builds his courage to let his life be driven by passion. Currently giving blogging a whirl.

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