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It’s high time for a new challenge!


As I wrote recently (more than a month ago!) I planned to rest during June. Participating in GetNoticed! made me exhausted and I needed to give myself a break.

And I did. There was no posting activity from my side during this month. But I think it was a good decision – now I can go back to blogging with similar excitement I felt at the very beginning 🙂

Nevertheless, June wasn’t like laying on my back at all – I made three achievements I’m proud of: I set a MasterMind group with my friends, I started my journey as a speaker – which fulfilled one of my resolutions – to present some topic somewhere in 2017, and finally, I made a first interview which will be published here, on this blog.

These made this June great month although blog had its break 🙂

Let’s dive in details


meetingI heard about the concept of Mastermind very recently, however, it is not so young idea. Napoleon Hill published that in his book Think and Grow Rich yet in 1937!

Mastermind is created to meet regularly with few companions (3-5) to share everyone’s goals, the efforts each person made since the last meeting to achieve them (at some point), the progress that happened, the lack of progress, or failures as well – everything. Just to make ourselves better. Quite important thing is to group the people that are on the similar level in areas that the group is focusing on. Which is: Usain Bolt won’t be a good match for sprint beginner. However, it is good when members of the group are from different areas, so they can share various experiences from diverse kinds of businesses/sports/ideologies – whatever the goal is.

meetingI’m meeting with Bartosz and Grzegorz (click to check out their blogs – definitely worthwhile!) to motivate each other, to make a good work on our blogs, share experience, knowledge, tips&tricks. During our meetings, we ask questions to get guidance on what we can do to make things better and compare our efforts with outputs. Great thing!

Till now we had 3 meetings. But each time every one of us feels a massive dose of inspiration, motivation, and insights we wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else 😉 I definitely recommend you to at least try such activity. Nothing to lose, much to gain!


Back in January when I was thinking about New Year’s resolutions, I thought it would be nice if I manage to be a speaker at some event this year. And the exceptional chance appeared earlier than I could expect! There was a possibility to utilize 20 mins of time on GetNoticed! final gala – the contest where this blog started! I was really afraid, nervous, stressed – to even only propose myself to be a speaker at the event – but… it was an ideal moment. I had to come forward! And I did.

Later on, I defined what I want to talk about, how I want to present it and… wonder how I’ll fit 20 minutes! The first attempt to do the speech took me 32 mins so I really needed to squeeze it in somehow. But stress did the thing… My last try at home took 26 mins and on stage – it was 17 mins! I’ve been told there will be a recording from every session. But… as far I’ve been talking in Polish – it will be in Polish 😉 Nevertheless, I’ll let you know when I have a link!

miodas - dsp

Only after my session, I could enjoy the gala itself because of being stressed earlier on. I met quite a few really interesting persons I did and didn’t know earlier from the internet. Definitely great networking thanks to the unusually friendly atmosphere there. I’m afraid to enumerate the people I was talking to (I don’t want to miss anyone), but I’ll try anyway:

Robert, namek, Chris, nrm, Mateusz, Grzegorz, Michał, Krzysztof, Mikołaj, Mateusz

It was great to finally meet you in person guys, I hope we’ll see each other again elsewhere!


One day I had an idea to publish an interview periodically with some interesting people from IT environment (or related to this world). And this project has just started as well! I’m really excited and curious if you’ll like such kind of posts – I truly hope they’re going to be valuable for you and bring you inspiration, knowledge or insights. As you still read this article, I must reward you the effort and tell you who was this first person I interviewed!

The guy I was talking to was a Cloud Architect at Microsoft, then Cloud Lead in IDC to finally find himself in own Cloud-related business called Chmurowisko. But – what’s even more important, he’s been doing Daily Vlog for 1 year – inspiring people for 365 days in a row! One of the inspired was myself, so I’m very happy he starts this ‘Interviews’ project.

The one and only – Mirek Burnejko! I caught him in 364 episode:

If you know Polish, I definitely recommend reaching out his Vlog – insanely large quantity of inspiration!

I will write such post for the first time (plus it was my first interview) so I bet it will take some time to prepare everything up. I anticipate this post will come only in August.


As you can see quite a few plan out there being realized and… quite a few yet in my head! It is hard to manage all of these for me with the regular job and being a husband and father. Thus I decided to decrease my workload for my employer. Special thanks to SDL for understanding my needs 🙂

Now, since the beginning of July, I work only part time. Thanks to that, one day per week I can entirely commit to my new activities like the blog, side project, and other ideas that come to my mind. It may not work – of course. It may not be a good idea, maybe I’ll be forced to go back on full time – but I won’t know till I try. So I’m trying out right now!


Regarding this blog and the side project, plans are simple. The realization may be tougher, but not unachievable 😉

In terms of blogging – publish a blog post once per week.

In terms of CodeMate – deliver Minimum Viable Product till the end of the year.

I hope I’ll be persistent in these endeavors, and won’t disappoint either myself or you.

Thanks for reading. Cheers!

Somewhat experienced programmer who tries to find intrinsic meaning in each act he does. Increasingly builds his courage to let his life be driven by passion. Currently giving blogging a whirl.

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