I’m pleased to welcome you on my blog!

I’ll be describing my endeavors to create a Web application from scratch here. I’ll do my best to make it engaging and absorbing for you.

How can you benefit from following me?

  • Knowledge: If you are someone who is interested in Web development process on ASP.NET MVC you may find this blog entertaining and educational. Let me state clearly though that as far as I’m not a guru here and I still learn too, you must know I sometimes might be wrong with statements I publish. However, I’ll do my best to keep the information described here correct and up to date according to comments.
  • Expert status in the community: as I wrote above – I will surely make mistakes, choose a bad way of doing something or… there are many aspects I can fail in. So I would like to hear from you! Let me make my code more readable, my architecture better designed and my blog exceptional – you will gain not only the pleasure of helping others and having real influence on how this project is driven, but you can also build up Web specialist reputation around yourself you cannot buy anywhere. Take a chance on me!
  • Fun: If you’d like to just observe my ups and downs, monitor my self-development or just get to know me better – you are very welcome as well – just make some noise sometimes, so I’ll know you’re there 🙂


My wife, son and I
My wife, son and I

I’m Wojciech and I’m a programmer with few years of business experience. Till now I was trying to dismiss all Web programming possibilities I had – both academic and business. I’ve always been turning it into Desktop/Console/Library ones and delivering solutions using mostly these approaches. Now I want to break through my prejudice against Web and broaden my coding abilities.

Personally, I’m a husband, father, runner and absolute admirer of my family.

Thanks for your presence and… enjoy!

If you want to reach me, use your favorite channel: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, usual mail (wojciech@codinghappiness.com) or just comment below. Cheers!

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