Where to find the help when you got stuck?

I really got stuck. My app is working fine on my machine and doesn’t want to work when published. Does it sound familiar? What can I do now?

Where can you ask for help

There are few places you can go to to ask for help when you experienced a problem you can’t tackle. First thought is StackOverflow of course. But it is not the only one.

  • Reddit – I’m sure many of you already know that service which holds truly wide scope of topics. From entertainment, through news, videos, politics, programming to any niche topic you can think of. If you haven’t been there and you don’t know where to start from, you can find this subreddit aggregator helpful: In terms of programming – there is not only the /r/programming channel (which is mostly for sharing interesting stuff on this subject) but also /r/askProgramming – a place where I put my question in.
  • Slack communities – in Polish programming community we have 1000+ users slack channel where you can find plenty of programmers ready to help you. However, if you don’t know the beautiful Polish language you can reach Coding blocks’ slack which is also a powerful community with the extraordinary knowledge base. Give it a try!
  • Facebook communities – there are at least few developing-oriented facebook groups you can join and help sometimes – or ask for help later when you’ll need that. I joined Polish one at some point which is called .NET Developers Poland Dev Help. You can find my post here [PL].
  • StackOverflow – the one who don’t need to be introduced 🙂 My post is here.

How about you? Do you know any other places you use to reach when you face unsolvable (at least for you) issue? Please share in comments so we can build a full list of services!

What’s the problem?

The showcase GitHub app I showed you lastly turned out to be ASP.NET Core application 😉 .  Which made it difficult to apply in usual ASP.NET, however, I luckily found sample usage of Owin.OAuth.Providers here – right in ‘traditional’ ASP. It worked nicely, I have a running application on my machine, but it crashes when accessed from public URL on azure websites. I feel helpless in regards to this authorization topic, I hope one of the ‘help channel’ I used will direct myself to working solution. So I could go with the further development of the application. Fingers crossed!

And – if you feel you can make helpful suggestion, please do, I’ll appreciate any, which will bring me closer 🙂



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