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FullCalendar – continuation

Last week was quite fruitful in terms of progress in CodeMate – but! I can’t take all the credit myself. Why?

First open contribution!

I’m proud to tell you I have the first contributor to my CodeMate project! A friend of mine who saw my troubles during development which I described in my last post has offered me some help. As he is very experienced Frontend guy he pushed the project notably further. I no longer have problems with the styling of the modal dialog, the footer is rendering properly now, and most importantly the process of displaying/canceling/saving the dialog is working like a charm. I’m grateful for that, kudos to Martin! 🙂

bump fistSuch voluntary contribution is not only a profit in terms of the code base but also a motivation actually! It would look strange if I would show you only the progress made by someone else. Due to that, I didn’t have many problems with my getting my job done this week (besides technicalities 🙂 ).

If you can’t see our efforts on GitHub, just browse to the feature branch – as far as the calendar is still under development, I’m holding it there for the time being.

My parts

The task I wanted to achieve was to create a backend for my events. In other words: implement the mechanism which could store the data the user inputs.

The first thing everyone thinks of is database now – however… technicalities 🙂 Unfortunately, my developer credits on Azure has gone this month. My Azure services are unavailable till the end of current pricing period. After that, I’ll get another 25$ for development purposes.

Nevertheless – I wanted to see my calendar in action! So I decided to implement little workaround at this point – and to store the events in the file.

And that’s what I did – events are being serialized on my local file and read (deserialized) when the calendar needs to show the events to the user (particularly myself as it ‘works on my machine’ only 🙂 )

The Azure unavailability impacts also a chance to present you how the application looks like now, so I prepared a GIF to demonstrate it:

adding event

(I’ve done this recording using – simple and intuitive, I recommend it!)


I’m content how the progress trough the last week has developed. However, there is a plenty of work to be done here yet. But since it started to work somehow, other parts would be much more pleasant to do – the beginning is the most difficult. Once it’s kicked out I (or we – me and my contributors 🙂 ) will be fine.


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