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The very last CodeMate news

Hello in this lovely Thursday! 🙂

Today I wanted to give you a quick update what is going on in the CodeMate project and why it is the very last CodeMate’s update.

New branding!

When I came up with the idea of creating an app helping programmers do pair programming sessions, my first thought about the name for this was: CodeMate.

I checked the domain and… it’s taken. CodeMate is a Scandinavian software house with great Page Rank in search engines so adopting such name wouldn’t be smart 🙂

However, back in March, I didn’t want to waste the time on picking the name – rather on blogging and coding. But now it’s time to actually pick one!

My colleague Ryan has helped me a bit and we came up with this list of possible names:

  • CodeMatchtags
  • ProgramPal
  • CodeBud / Buddy
  • CodeTwins
  • CodeTogether
  • CollabCoders
  • CodeAlly
  • CodeCompanion
  • Codealike

but… guess what. Yes! They’re all already taken! Maybe besides CodeAlly, but in search engines, it messes up with Call of Duty (CoD ally), so I scrubbed.

Nevertheless, I have one that may be adopted. I just need to get used to this new one before I’ll announce it.

Or maybe you have an unconventional idea how could I name the app? Let me know! I’ll gladly review each one!

So! That’s why this is the last CodeMate update.


I’ve been lucky to have another contribution in my repository – this week Chris has helped me a bit with the clarity of cshtml files and separation of script files. I’m grateful for this pull request, thanks!

From my side, I added simple, yet handy extensions to the website, to warm up for more complicated stuff 🙂

First is the build time of the app on the About page. There are some cases when you need to quickly determine what sources are currently deployed on the server – and that’s why I implemented it.

The implementation of this was not so obvious, so if you’re into .NET I encourage you to look into this StackOverflow post.

Secondly, since I saw the ‘Fork me on GitHub’ ribbon somewhere for the first time, I promised myself I’d have the same when my project starts. So I have now 🙂

Azure, oh Azure…

Unfortunately, you cannot see any of changes mentioned above, because of my disabled Azure account – my 25 EUR for the developer are too less for the app to be up for a whole month. I bet this is caused my poor configuration, I’ll try to change the plan of the app or so to improve it. But at this point, I cannot do anything about it since it is frozen until the end of the current billing period.

Further plans

I recently become aware of Project view on GitHub, so I plan to learn it by doing. You can find there my actual plans for further development. I hope it would be maintained in a clear way 🙂 If you have any pieces of advice on how could I use it in a more professional way, I’ll appreciate your suggestions! [project]

Thanks for today!

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